With Sivver, the cloud ERP for small and medium-sized businesses, you retain full control over your business processes. Minimize administrative costs while maximizing your profit margin and streamlining your service portfolio. Start now in just 5 minutes, promised!

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Sivver Cloud-ERP

Cloud-based or on-premise

With Sivver you get a low-maintenance ERP software for the IT and retail industry, which you can either operate directly in our powerful cloud or on your own infrastructure. Setup takes a maximum of 5 minutes. We will be happy to help you personally with any questions.

Simple license model

Sivver's license model is very simple. You pay nothing and get unlimited access to all available functions of the software. Unlike other companies, we do not bill for server objects, users or other consumption-related factors.


Our REST API offers over 240 endpoints with which you can control every single function of the software. Control accounting processes, manage your servers and discover many other functions of our interface.

About ERP-Software

What is an ERP and is it worth the introduction even for small businesses?

An ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system is used for business resource planning. It is a business process control software used to collect and manage business assets. More and more frequently the solutions are being extended by further modules. Essential components of an ERP solution are: quality management, project management, accounting, e-commerce, purchasing, sales / marketing, controlling and human resources.

Sivver follows the principles of the so-called cloud ERP and provides a cost-effective, reliable online solution for small and medium-sized (SMB) IT companies, especially Internet service providers. You do not need your own infrastructure to operate the software. Only a computer with an up-to-date web browser. Shortly spoken, even SMBs can benefit from the introduction of an ERP solution without having to dig deep into their pockets.


Sivver Made In Germany

Developed & Hosted in Deutschland

Your data security is our most important concern. As a result, we develop and host 100% of our cloud ERP in Germany in accordance with the applicable legal provisions. This keeps your data safe within the European region. All processes comply with the requirements of the German legislator. Thus, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the principles of proper bookkeeping (GoBD) are no longer a challenge for you. The software is structured in a simple way and even complicated processes can be carried out intuitively within a few clicks, even without previous knowledge whilst all requirements named above are met. Because "Made in Germany" stands for quality, security and trustworthiness!

Sivver Web Cloud-based

  • Cloud-based
  • All functionality
  • 1 tenant
  • Content Management System
  • No limitations
  • All-inclusive monthly pricing
  • Cancelable monthly
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One version for everything!

All features, no limits and only one price

Don't let yourself be limited in terms of growth by complicated software licensing models. Sivver offers a single license version without any limitations. That way you can enjoy all available functions and you are optimally prepared for the new workload even with high growth rates.

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Our integration partners provide interfaces to their own solutions. You can manage and use those with Sivver.