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Webhosting (VestaCP)

Manage your webhosting packages with Sivver. Create different packages and deliver those directly to your customers. Thanks to the free open source project VestaCP, we offer you a cost-effective yet comprehensive solution.

Variable products

Add different templates for accounts and set a price for them. You can start selling right away. Your clients are able to book services from you automatically. The login data for the accounts is stored directly within Sivver. That way you won't have the risk of losing e-mails with credentials anymore.

Master separation

You want to physically divide premium-customers from normal customers? With Sivver you can provide different master-servers for every product and make sure that only clients with specific packages occupy a certain server. That way you avoid full storage or other unpredicted behaviours caused by hardware overload.

"Hosting in a box" capable

Don't run own infrastructure? No problem! Just use the infrastructure of Sivver. We host your clients and maintain the hardware within the datacenter, whilst you can focus on the satisfaction of your clients.

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