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Contracts with different terms, framework contracts and much more. This is the business life and daily bread of an entrepreneur. In our cloud ERP you have the possibility to manage different types of contracts. In addition, your customers can view, terminate, renew and do much more in the customer area at any time.


The billing of services is a central part of the business world. How to earn your money. It is all the more important that your billing is done correctly. An electronic system can help. Simply enter the invoice items, set a payment period and send the invoice to your customers. You can automate the entire process. If there is a term contract behind an invoice, a regular re-billing of the linked services will be initiated accordingly.


A customer does not pay his bill? That happens. But to represent a dunning process by hand requires a lot of time and organization. Reminder dates must be determined for each customer and reminders must be written and sent out at the right time. The dunning process can be depicted much easier in an electronic system. Just create an invoice and set a payment period. If a customer is in default of payment, a dunning procedure is automatically initiated. The system determines dunning dates and sends the reminders on demand so that you can concentrate on your daily business. The handover to the collection service after the third reminder can be automated!

Analysis of payment morality

Some people or companies are not so specific about payment terms. But you as an entrepreneur have provided a service and want to get paid accordingly. You may not want to make high-priced offers with a short payment period to a customer who is constantly in default of payment. To accomplish this you must always have an overview of your customer's current payment history. Our traffic light system analyzes the payment transactions and uses the latest invoices and reminders to estimate the average payment delay. A colored marking helps in the quick assessment with just a second and without even reading the result.

Reverse Charge

The reverse charge procedure simplifies the tax processing of transactions with commercial business partners in EU and non-EU countries. If you use reverse charge, the sales tax burden is not paid by you, but by the business partner directly to his local authorities. In this case, you issue an invoice without showing the sales tax. Sivver automatically recognizes the country in which your business partner is located and, if necessary, applies the reverse charge process. The countries affected by the procedure can be changed at any time.

Different Payment Methods

paysafecard, Sofortüberweisung, PayPal or rather bank transfer or credit card payment? Let your customers decide! Our cloud ERP offers many payment methods for free use. The interfaces were accepted and released by the payment service providers.

In addition to the general payment methods, Sivver also offers a FinTS / HBCI interface with which it is possible to automatically link payments from the bank account to invoice objects and thus also automate payments by bank transfer.

Prepaid Support

In addition to the commonly known contracts, Sivver also supports contracts with advance payment or booking to a credit account (classic prepaid). That way no billing needs remain open.

Billing via API

You can easily initiate payment transactions from your software using our REST API. All available payment methods are also available to you via the API.

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