Project Management

All projects in one place

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Fully Integrated

The project management is fully integrated with the cloud ERP software. Files, offers, tickets, invoices and other resources can be linked directly to the respective projects.

Time Management

Easily record all work phases including the work performed. Similar to the normal time recording, you can use "Coming" and "Leaving" to record phase-by-phase activities, which are shown on the timesheets.


Don't leave your customers in the dark about what work has been done during a project phase. Simply enter a time period and generate proof of work for them with just one click. The data for this functionality originates from the time management for projects.

One-Click Billing

You can easily bill project phases up to the specified time with just one click. Your customer will immediately receive the invoice by email. The project, its description and the price structure are specified on the invoice itself.

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