Human Resources

Master data management, time management and much more

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Master Data

Address, Social Security Data, and more. Even a single employee can generate a lot of data. Store your data in a structured way and in conjunction with your access to your ERP. This way, data will never be lost again.

Holiday Management

A good employee needs a break. Centralized recording and approval of leave requests helps keep track of your employees' presence and ensures that no application is lost. No more paperwork, everything digital!

Time Management

Always keep track of the working hours of your employees! Since a ruling by the European Court of Justice in 2019, the systematic recording of working hours has become a legal obligation. The old-known "confidence working time" is thereby eliminated. For many small businesses that have not been tracking time, this adds tremendous administrative overhead and immense investment costs. Our cloud ERP works together with the manufacturers datafox and PCS and offers modules that represent a completely digital time clock. Naturally, the function can also be used directly in the interface without a physical device and can not result in additional costs for the entrepreneur.

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