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Domain robot

Sivver is directly connected to the domain robot of This makes it easy to deploy and manage domains with Sivver. Administrative tools such as DNS management help as well. Manage your domains without additional tools! In addition to our in-house name servers of the robot, you can easily use, for example, your own name servers.

Hundreds of domain extensions

The domain robot offers hundreds of domain names available on the market. In addition to general domains from ICANN, as well as the country-specific domains, the robot also offers new domain endings, such as .online, .berlin, .nrw and many more.

Variable products

Add different templates for accounts and set a price for them. You can start selling right away. Your clients are able to book services from you automatically. The login data for the accounts is stored directly within Sivver. That way you won't have the risk of losing e-mails with credentials anymore.

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