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No more paper, promise!

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From paper to scan

Even authorities have arrived in their time in the modern age. Documents can be scanned, archived and the original then destroyed in paper form. But many companies still use physical folders and fill entire basements with documents. The modernization of the law also paved the way for space-saving variants. With our Cloud ERP, you can map all processes online and archive the digital documents directly in the software. In addition, you can continue to electronically map invoices and other paper-based transactions received from your business partners and deposit the original as an electronic reference (scan).

Encrypted and secured

Your data is stored fully encrypted in the cloud ERP and are only visible to you. Not even our employees will gain access to your business transactions without your consent. To ensure that your data remains fully available even after a partial failure of our storage system, we mirror it in real-time to other physical server systems that primarily serve as backups. With these data copies, for example, we can also compensate for load peaks on the storage systems without the customer being aware of it.

Legal storage periods adhered to

We store your business information (such as invoices and offers) for the time required by law. After the retention periods have expired, the affected files are automatically deleted by the system. The software fulfills all legal requirements for data retention and archiving.

Don't panic during tax audits

Auditors are a business barrier for many small and medium-sized businesses. You need documents and take the time of your employees. With our cloud ERP, you can easily give your auditor access to all of your business data, so he can easily take the exam from his office. For this he does not have to be in the company on site and therefore does not interfere negatively in the daily business.

WebDAV capable

Our software supports the WebDAV standard. So you can directly access the archive data from your computer, e.g. to further process an operation. Simply integrate the data storage directly into Windows Explorer, MacOS Finder or other WebDAV-compatible file management interfaces. You will get full read and write access to your archive. The WebDAV interface can also be used as general data sharing solution for your company.

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