Accounting & Controlling

From the opening balance to the final balance in just a few clicks

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Double-entry accounting

Writing each business transaction by hand in the books is time-consuming and no longer necessary in the era of electronic helpers. Simply write quotes and invoices as usual, and the software will do the rest. Your bookings are automatically transferred to the electrical books. At the end of the year, you can then download the entire balance sheet including all accounts as a PDF and forward it to your tax adviser or the tax office.

Key figures

In addition to the annual financial statements, it is also primarily in the SME sector and give the company on the basis of so-called "ratios" to analyze and map strategies. Especially when a renewed round of financing is imminent, various key figures play a central role. In addition, they outline the development of a company succinctly. Our cloud ERP automatically generates various key figures, saving you a lot of work.

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