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Individual design

Homepage designs off the shelf were yesterday. Just like in the general competition, your website also has individuality. Give your customers a pleasant feeling while looking at your website. No matter if revision or complete redesign, we work on a concept together with you, which we then implement exactly according to your ideas in Web 2.0 style. Now your creativity is in demand!

With CMS / Shopsystem on request

On request, we are happy to adapt your new design to a CMS or shop system so that you can easily add, edit or even delete content. Various software is conceivable. From Wordpress, Joomla and Drupal, to Magento and JTL. Of course, we also take over the maintenance and servicing for your web application. Especially with complicated software, this can be a huge advantage, because you do not have to worry about the technical conditions. You only maintain the contents and follow your daily business.

Content conception

You prepare a cheat sheet with important content and we take care of the rest. On request, we not only design the homepage, but at the same time we also take care of your content being written and checked for its SEO suitability. So you can rise up in the search engine results. Because your content is your way to the customer and your ability to convey information. So do not do things by halves, think first. Because the Google crawler reads every change.

Web 2.0

Of course, we adhere to the current state of the art and implement Web 2.0 components. All our designs are user-friendly from the start and, of course, perfectly usable on mobile devices. By default, this comes with bootstrap used as base framework. If this is not desired, it is also possible to fall back on other frameworks.

If you take a closer look at the topic "Design", flat designs are no longer indispensable on the Web. They are simple, clear and do not confuse your customers. But a bit of nostalgia should be preserved. Getting this balancing act can be difficult. But with years of experience in web design, it is easy to expertly advise you and find the right style for your target audience.

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