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Carefree package

You take care of your core business and we are at your side as a competent IT contact. At the same time, we are not only available to you and your employees during the core times, but 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Just call or create a ticket and we'll take care of it!


IT security starts with the choice of a secure password, but there is no end to it. In times of electronic data processing, the digital as well as the physical security of your data plays an important role. We implement complete solutions for your IT security. From access control, to securing your data integrity and protection against viruses, Trojans and worms as well as other unwanted guests.

Network Technology

We build or modernize corporate networks. Bye, bye, copper wires. The fiberglass time has begun. In companies, more and more data is processed. That's why you need a fast and reliable network! If you provide a network for your guests it is even more important. Thanks to our strong partners, we can offer complete solutions in the field of network infrastructure and implement them professionally.

Data Backup

Anyone who produces data must also secure it! In today's business world, your electronic records are cash. That's why we provide solutions for regular backups inside and outside your corporate network. Of course fully compliant with data protection according to the EU-wide regulations of the GDPR. In the event of a data loss, you can easily restore your data. Everything is as if nothing had ever happened! We implement solutions for both physical and virtual environments. Create your first data backup today and ensure the lasting integrity of your data!


The goal of any commercial business is to generate revenue while minimizing costs. Business process optimization helps. But while many entrepreneurs have optimized their processes to the last opportunity, they often forget the IT. In the corner of a storage room run three old computers as a server replacement, the electricity is simply paid. But there is a better solution! With the help of virtualization, the required hardware can be minimized and work more energy efficient. We migrate your entire physical server structure to a virtual variant. Completely without data loss! This saves money and minimizes the time requirements.

Managed Services

We keep your software up to date, monitor your network activities and intervene autonomously in the event of an emergency. With our managed services, your infrastructure receives the best possible care and attention without the need for your own intervention. We work unnoticed in the background. Of course, we will contact you in advance for major interventions.

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